Management is about a number of specific professional disciplines, such as budget preparation and follow-up, status reporting, contract negotiations, recruitment, performance reviews etc.. Overall, it is about clarifying, designing and maintaining the framework for the company’s activities.

However, several analyzes indicate that managements ability to constantly innovate the product portfolio, maintain and improve the employee motivation and develop partnerships along the value chain are at least as crucial to the company’s continued success.

This places entirely new demands on the company’s management.

Good management is about balancing these activities to secure maximum value creation for the company and its owners. In modern enterprises, this is primarily driven through open and intensive dialogue with both employees and other stakeholders about the business environment and the expectations for future development.

Should there be temporary imbalance between these different management tasks, it may be of great value to get external assistance to lift some of the managerial tasks.

Services offered:
  • Project and program management on strategic or high risk projects
  • Budgeting, budget follow-up, controlling business areas, projects and similar activities
  • Review of partnership agreements and negotiation of cooperation and supplier agreements
  • Interim management and assistance in organizational changes, redundancies and appointments