A strategy is basically a description of a number of coherent initiatives that together must make it possible to realize a business ambition. The strategy will describe the ambition, clarify goals and priorities, as well as help all involved to focus efforts.

A good strategy clarifies the parameters to be considered when choosing between alternative ways to realize the ambitions. Thus, the strategy can also act as a lever for generally more transparent and consistent decisions at all levels of an organization.

The business aspirations may very well be high. But it is important that there is a realistic balance between ambitions and efforts. Should the strategy be realized while the company’s other activities continue or should the strategy create a fundamental change and set a whole new agenda?

Developing a strategy is not long-haired or complicated. But it is important with transparency and structure for everyone involved. If the management team have to both drive the process and deliver the content to the strategy, it can be difficult to ensure high quality in both. Professional help to ensure structure and propulsion allows the management team to concentrate on the content and secure quality in the ongoing dialogue with those involved.

Services offered:
  • Compile a comprehensive plan for strategy runs – preparation, implementation and follow-up
  • Vision and strategy papers – management dialogue, analysis, documentation and presentation
  • Facilitating complete strategy runs
  • Develop activity and investment plan
  • Roadmap for realization – outline project portfolio
  • Risk analysis and proposals for mitigation
  • Stakeholder management, governance and decision making
  • Analysis of partnership and merger opportunities, participation in Due Diligence